Apple unleashes new iGadgets, Sony drops the PlayStation 5: Vertical Hold ep 296

Is Apple on a winner with new iGadgets, its fitness push and an all-in-one subscription service?

How will Sony’s PlayStation 5 fare in the upcoming Next-Gen console wars?

Special guests SMH tech editor Tim Biggs and SMH tech writer Peter Wells

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How much will PlayStation 5 cost, will the big rancher fit in your lounge room and how does Sony’s offering stack up against Microsoft’s Xbox Series X? How much will we pay for PS5 games and are they backwards compatible?

Meanwhile, Apple has unleashed a bunch of new iGear, but is all that grunt wasted in a tablet? What do you get in the new Apple One bundle and how does it stack up against all-in-one bundles from rivals like Amazon?

As Alex noted in this week’s show, he spent a lot of this week writing about either Apple or Sony. Here’s his roundup of Apple’s “Time Flies” event, an analysis of the value difference between Apple One and Amazon Prime and a quick guide on how to install iOS 14.

Meanwhile, on the PlayStation 5 side of the fence, here’s an overview of everything Sony announced about the PlayStation 5 and a guide to the God of War games you can play before diving into God Of War: Ragnarok. Alex is now going to try to get some sleep after all that.

Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News – podcast hosts Adam Turner and Alex Kidman speak to Australia’s leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the tech news of the week.

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