Online safety bill threats to censor the net, NFTs rock the art world: Vertical Hold Ep 318

How could the Online Safety Bill censor Australians and change the way we use the internet? What are Non-Fungible Tokens and why are people paying millions online for digital art? Guest ZDNet AU cybersecurity correspondent Stilgherrian.



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We’re joined this week by a tech writer who only needs — and goes by — a single name, and one that would score very well in Scrabble, if you could manage it. It can only be Stilgherrian.

He’s joining us to talk about the latest trends in the world of art.

No, we haven’t suddenly become a fine art podcast! Instead, we’re talking Non-Fungible Tokens, and their current role in selling art “worth” millions, largely on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Sticking with tech news a tad closer to home, the Federal Government’s Online Safety Bill is racing its way through parliament, but many are unsatisfied with the proposed concentration of online censorship powers it offers. Is there a good balance to be found in this kind of legislation?

Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News – podcast hosts Adam Turner and Alex Kidman speak to Australia’s leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the tech news of the week.

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