Will NBN’s Soft Price Cap work, HTC vs Oculus vs PSVR: Vertical Hold Ep 328

NBN Co’s promoting a “soft cap” on NBN ISP CVC charges, but will that add up to any change at all in the cost of Australian broadband services? HTC’s announced a pair of new premium VR headsets — but how do they stack up against Oculus or the upcoming PlayStation 5 VR kit?

Guests Finder innovations editor Chris Stead and Aussie Broadband managing director Phil Britt.



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NBN Co, the company that runs the National Broadband Network, is proposing a “soft cap” on ISP CVC fees to keep services both profitable and fast, but will that really change the way ISPs provision broadband — or is it a bandaid in place of a more permanent solution? We chat to Phil Britt, MD of show sponsor Aussie Broadband on the state of the NBN!

VIrtual Reality has been “the next big thing” for decades now, but it’s taking its sweet time to arrive. HTC aims to up the VR game, announcing two new VR headsets at its Vivecon this week. We catch up with Chris Stead from Finder to talk through HTC’s new offerings, how they compare with the likes of Oculus and what we already know about the upcoming PlayStation 5 VR kit!

Want to know more? Chris has also penned some excellent guides to the business-centric HTC Vive Focus 3 and HTC Vive Pro 2 over at Finder, as well as a guide to what’s known about the PSVR 2.

If Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 is more your style, Alex ran that through the review process a while back, and you can read his full Australian Oculus Quest 2 review here.

Got any thoughts about NBN pricing or the future of VR? Let us know your thoughts below!

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