Google reveals Pixel 6 and Nest Cams, Telstra sets payphones free: Vertical Hold Ep 340

Google’s soft launch of Pixel 6 specs rests on the power of its new Tensor processor — but what’s behind the hype? What do the smarter Google Nest cameras bring to the party? Telstra’s set its payphones to “free” — but why does that matter, and is Telstra really going to lose money on the deal? Guest EFTM’s Dan Tyson!



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Telstra is a company that likes money, right? Well, they all do, really, but Telstra especially.

There’s more of these around than you think. (Image: Matthew Paul Argall)

So why is the nation’s biggest telco taking the “pay” out of its “payphones”? We dive into the realities of payphone usage, tell a few payphone anecdotes and reveal why Telstra is probably still making stacks of fat cash from “free” payphones!

Alex also wrote up the Telstra free payphones deal, and you can read about that here.

Google is watching you…

Meanwhile, Google is lining up all sorts of interesting hardware to release. Firstly, we’re going to see new Nest cameras and door bells down under — but can Google unseat the likes of Ring and Arlo?

They’re not a big secret if you show us the new phones, Google!

Speaking of taking on the big players, it’s also revealed a LOT about the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro this week, and especially around its fancy new Tensor System on a Chip. Tensor could be the Pixel’s secret sauce — but can Google really take on the likes of Samsung and Apple and win?

Alex also wrote up the Pixel 6 news (he’s been busy) and you can read that here.

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