What does the post-election future hold for the NBN?: Vertical Hold Ep 374

With an election imminent, the political football that is the NBN is once again in play. But this time, the game is quite different. We’re joined by special guest, RMIT’s Doctor Mark A Gregory!



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The NBN is typically described as our soup du jour ’round these parts, but this week we’ve upgraded it to the main course.

That’s because there’s an election happening — you’re probably aware of that, right? — and despite the NBN being (*cough*) “finished”, apparently, there are some big differences in the party political statements about its future.

Joining us to chat everything NBN, from the future of fibre to the challenges of services like 5G and Starlink is Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at RMIT, Doctor Mark A Gregory!

4 Replies to “What does the post-election future hold for the NBN?: Vertical Hold Ep 374”

  1. Alfred Smith

    I live in a regional area just outside of Geelong and have had NBN fixed wireless for four years. Apart from the first couple fo months, I cannot stream video during the evening. The network is so congested at night my “smart devices” have major problems which is a real PIA as I have mobility issues. The NBN recently changed my antennae and it made no difference in the evening and I feel like a second-rate citizen in Australia. In country Australia, the NBN is the most expensive non-event ever. Nobody cares.

    • Adam Turner

      Sadly this kind of experience is all too common. Hopefully the changes they’re talking about will see it improve.

    • Josh

      Same for me. Only the past month has it been absolutely awful and no matter how many times I try to get it fixed it just doesn’t.
      I’m on a 75mbps plan and am seeing speeds of 10mbps down at all times of the day on most days, when I used to get a consistent 60mbps.
      To me I’m starting to wonder if it’s the modems they supply since they are pretty cheap.

      • Alex Kidman

        Definitely worth chatting to your ISP about those kinds of speeds — if nothing else they should offer to drop you to a lower plan tier while they chase NBN Co to work out if the line is suitable for higher speeds. As we’ve noted on the show before, there’s an obligation on NBN Co for fixed line services to deliver a minimum 25Mbps service. Sounds like you’re not getting even that.

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