NBN backflip embraces Fibre to the Home: Vertical Hold ep 297

After leaving millions of Aussies languishing on Fibre to the Node, why has the NBN suddenly developed an appetite for fibre? What does it mean for Aussie broadband users, rival networks and the future of 5G?

Special guests SMH deputy biz editor Supratim Adhikari, ZDNet AU editor Chris Duckett and Aussie Broadband MD Phil Britt. 


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Here we were, thinking it would be another quiet, mostly locked down 2020 week in tech news, when NBN Co dropped the biggest bombshell since… well, since the shift to the multi-technology mix, or possibly the original announcement of the NBN itself.

Fibre is back on the menu… sort of. NBN’s announcement was heavy on the hype and in many ways low on the details, leaving many folks confused. We catch up with Supratim Adhikari from the SMH and Chris Duckett from ZDNet to talk what the NBN’s “local” FTTP proposal will really mean for end consumers, as well as catching up with Phil Britt from show sponsors Aussie Broadband to get an industry view of the announcements.

If you’re wondering what it’ll mean for your connection, Alex also wrote up a guide to the likely impact here.

Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News – podcast hosts @adam_turner and @alexkidman speak to Australia’s leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the tech news of the week.

2 Replies to “NBN backflip embraces Fibre to the Home: Vertical Hold ep 297”

  1. Robert

    I am about to connect with internode. I have fttc and this going to be coming through the phone line. We are in the dark ages. I am letting you know to see if you can do better as Peter text me today.

    • Adam Turner

      FttC is pretty good, the phone line only runs to the footpath and it will eventually get access to 1Gpbs spends. I doubt you can do better, it’s a better option that 5G if you’ll use a lot of data.

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