Aussie gov takes on trolls, right to repair inches closer, cars detect drunk drivers: Vertical Hold Ep 357

Will the Federal Government’s legislation to take on online trolls solve practical problems, or just pay out lots of lawyers? What did the productivity commission’s right to repair report recommend? Should new cars have technology in them to detect drunk drivers — and can that possibly work? Special guests Monash Uni’s Emily van der Nagel, Choice’s Erin Turner and ABC Western Plains’ Nic Healey!



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2021 shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to technology news.

The Federal Government is proposing new laws to take on online trolls — but are they really going to make a difference, and what cost to anonymity is worth bearing? We chat to Monash University’s Dr Emily van der Nagel about the issues with online trolling, and why defamation isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to stopping online abuse.

We’ve talked about the right to repair — Apple offering parts, the productivity report’s investigation into the right to repair — and this week the report was handed down, with a whole host of recommendations on ways Australian consumers might better deal with repairing gadgets. We chat to Choice’s Erin Turner about what the report says, what it doesn’t — and what happens next.

Speaking of next, the next time you get into your car, it might know more about your social activities at night than you expect, with US regulators passing laws to make it obligatory for cars to passively test for drunk driving. Excellent in theory… but how will the technology work, and what are the potential pitfalls? We chat to ABC Western Plains’ Nic Healey!

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