Neurotech and Killer AI: Vertical Hold Ep 431

Why are brain-computer-interfaces in the tech news recently — and should we be super impressed or super scared of them? Speaking of scary alternative futures, will AI be humanity’s saviour — or make us all slaves? Special Guest Casey Tonkin from Information Age!

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(Image: Neuralink)

Putting computer chips into your brain sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s happening right now, and with some pretty astonishing results. Still, there’s also a fair bit of hype around what we might be able to do with brain computer interfaces… and concerns, too. What’s the right way to go around turning humanity into cyborgs anyway?

Of course, cyborgs will need operating systems too, and that’s where AI comes in. It’s been a big week in AI, with the Australian government mulling legislation — but what does good AI legislation even look like?

Joining us to discuss all of this equal-parts-amazing-and-scary technology is Casey Tonkin from Information Age. If you’d like to read more about Casey’s work surrounding BCI (and you should), click below:

Brain-Computer-Interfaces: The Future Of Computing

People Already Control Computers With Their Minds

What Happens To Obsolete Brain Implants?

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